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Indoor Water Park

This park is Dreamworld's pride. It has the distinction of being the only indoor water park in the whole of India and is only the second of its kind in Asia. Family Slide, Play Pan, Giant Slide of 54", Mini Slide of 32", Aqua Tube of 32" and Kiddies Rides like Floating Crocodile, Floating Dolphin and Floating Turtle, you name it and you have it here. This is the zone where kids have the time of their lives.

Indoor Wave Pool

Imagine having fun with sea wave’s right here in your city without the wavy of tan. Come and experience Indoor Wave Pool to have fun with waves which can go up to two Ft. height, now that is the way to Beat the Heat.

Amusement Park

One of the greatest attractions of Dreamworld, the amusement park has all the ingredients to amuse anybody irrespective of his or her age. The park boasts of a Toy Train, Space Ride. Go - Karting and wide open spaces so thoughtfully arranged all around the park.

Children's Park

This park has everything that your kids would love to play with climbers, slides, multi-play systems, toy and battery operated buses for the kids tonride in. This is one part of Dreamworld that never ceases to attract children. It is a relaxing feeling to watch the children having a nice time at such a pollution free environment.

Juraasic Park

The Juraasic Park is the name of the dinosaurs theme park . Dinosaurs in this park are sensor based, silicon material, robotic Dinosaur’s. This park is unique because here customers can touch ,feel and even ride on them to make their experience more adventurous. There is a Dinosaur cart Ride too, it’s a family ride and it’s the most popular ride among our customers, be it kids or youngsters , people are loving it.

Paintball War Zone

Paintball War Zone is a great fun activity for peopkle who enjoy physical activity and promoting excercise and teamwork. Wether you want to have group or team competition or you just want to do some target practice or show off your shooting skills to your friends , this is the place for it, so what are you waiting for just go for it.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding is a great sport to get involved with and is an activity for all ages and abilities.

More and more people are engaging in this activity as it is full of health benefits but above all super duper fun. Have you tried Horse Riding Yet??

Horror House

Really want to challenge yourself? Then come to our horror house to have a lively experience in Dream world and get Goosebumps. Don’t be late your friends are waiting in there.

7D Theater

7D cinema at Dreamworld Resort is a 32 seater theatre which brings you the newest technology in virtual reality. Instead of watching a movie you are actually part of it. This is the latest technique to woo the movie buffs.You feel what you see as entire Simulator Platform moves accordingly to what is happening on the screen as you watch any of the movies with interactive 3D glasses. special effects like rain shower, wind, strobe light, vibrations, sound effects leg and back ticklers and snow kick in to make our movie experience even more “real” and exhilarating. This 32 seater simulator will give you unbeatable movements making it surrea

Suitable for all ages and great fun for the entire family!


Boating has always been an adventure, you can boat alone or with a partner or with family and friends, it’s always fun. Paddle boats are available to take a fun ride in the lake of Dream world.

Boat House

Now for experience of Boat House you don’t have to go to Kashmir or Kerala, Dream world has a one Bedroom luxury house boat with a deck. So come and experience house boat in your own city.


Whether you are a season fishermen hoping for a record catch or just want to relax under the sun with fishing rod, trying your hand with fishing, Dream world is the place to go.


A luxurious 3 star facility hotel with 39 exclusive rooms is in the offing. It will surely add charm to the already well-facilitated Dreamworld. This fully air-conditioned hotel promises all the amenities and services that you would expect from a luxurious hotel. This hotel will enrich the experience of those who want to make a weekend getaway to Dreamworld and enjoy all the facilities here at their own pace.


Good food, good mood. The food court in Dreamworld caters to all kinds of taste buds with its continental, oriental and traditional. These restaurants are a boon to those who are travelling on the Lucknow-Kanpur Highway and decided to make a stop-over at Dreamworld. With the ample space and many entertainment options around, Dreamworld also becomes a suitable place to stop by for marriage parties as well.

AC Banquet Hall

This Banquet hall is built in 10000 Sq. Ft. area can cater more than 1000 guests & has ample of parking space. It is the perfect wedding place.

Marriage and Party Lawns

With adequate space and amenities all within the confines of Dream world, this place is as much ideal for organizing cultural evenings. theme parties, picnics, business conferences, corporate meetings and seminars as it is for holding a marriage reception. What is even more comforting is that you can avail customised services for your occasion as per your requirements. So you can make your special occasion as grand and as splendid as you want it to be. We are always ready to go any extra mile to make your marriage party an impressive and memorable one.